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About Grandway

Grandway Group, founded in 1997, is an institutional quality management company focused on real estate development, construction, and investment in the United States. We provide end-to-end solutions for U.S. and international clients seeking to develop, build, or invest in various real estate sectors in the United States.

Our seasoned management team leverages centuries of experience in real estate and investments to create value and protect wealth for our clients. Our development and construction projects can be found all across the State of California, and our investment footprint spans nationwide.

For over 25 years, our deep history in real estate and our commitment to excellence, professionalism and integrity have enabled us to meet the high standards demanded by our clients. With time-tested operations and processes, Grandway is proud to have demonstrated resilience through all stages of the economic cycle and outstanding results for our global clientele.

Our Philosophy

Fundamental Research

  • Fundamental value focus

  • Multi-phase due diligence process

  • Market research

  • Cost optimization

  • Legal & tax planning

Risk Management

  • Systematic risk analysis: market, environmental, and geopolitical risks

  • Idiosyncratic risk analysis: project and investment-specific risks

Operational Management

  • Process & workflow management

  • Construction management

  • Financial control

  • Compliance and corporate governance

Information Systems

  • Institutional back office systems

  • Data system security, redundancy, and full remote access

  • Business continuity plan

Modern City


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Victor Wang
Lawrence Wang
Frederick Wang
Shafong Fu
Anne Jang

President & CEO

EVP & Portfolio Manager

CFO & Portfolio Manager

VP of Operations


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Eric Buhrer
Don Alexander
Nicole Fisher
Heather Hardin
Jenny Peralta

Senior Accounting Manager

Director of Construction

Project Manager

Accounting Associate

Project Accountant

Vedanth-2 v2 (BG Edit).jpg
Cyrene Chan
Amy Chuang
Miki Cho
Vedanth Shetty
Cambria Wulff

Private Wealth Advisor

Investment Operations

Client Relations

Senior Associate

Marketing Coordinator

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Raymond Cheng_edit.png
Balan Murugesu_Edit.png
Henry Tan _Edit.png
Eldon Edit.png
Ryan Berschneider
Raymond Cheng
Balan Murugesu
Henry Tan
Eldon Solomon Jr.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Board of Advisors 

Business Development

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