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Institutional-Level Management

With Grandway, investors can invest in a diversified portfolio of high-quality commercial and residential real estate investments across the United States.  Our experienced team manages the portfolio and the properties on your behalf, providing a simple and smooth real estate investing experience.

Skyscrapers and Sky


Steady Monthly Rental Income Makes Real Estate an Ideal Cash Flow Investment.

Achieve Higher Investment Goals

With potentially lower volatility than the stock market and higher historical long-term returns, real estate investing can be attractive to growth investors. Most real estate investment programs offered by Grandway provide regular distributions which can be reinvested in the investors’ current program to leverage the potential of compound interest.

Grow Your Wealth

A successful growth strategy leverages investments that not only provide stable income but also increase in value over the long haul.  For buy-and-hold real estate investors, this means investing in properties with potential for appreciation, rent growth opportunities, and value-add opportunities.  These considerations, in addition to stable income and distributions, are all part of Grandway’s real estate investment focus.

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Modern Apartment Building

Diversify Your Portfolio

Grandway offers both Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and select private placement deals — assets not traded on or tied to the stock market — allowing investors access to a variety of properties throughout the United States with different locations, demographics, and economic drivers.

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